Released an iPhone app

We are pleased to announce that our iOS App Shop Easy – A Shopping Calculator With Currency Conversion has been approved for release in all regions.Though shanthi has developed apps for several companies,this is our first own product.

It is a simple multi-purpose utility app for travellers  and shoppers.

Have you ever wondered on a travel, how much a foreign purchase cost in your home currency ?
Have you ever wanted to track how much you have spend on a shopping ?
Have you ever wanted to perform a percent calculation quickly ?

Shop Easy serves the above purpose with simple and intuitive user experience.This App is neatly designed with custom slider function and also customised for iPhone 5’s larger display.It is created to help people spend more time shopping and less time calculating.

Here is the quick video preview of our app

If you like to try Shop Easy, it’s available on the App Store right now.


Google’s New Product : Google Currents

Finally Google has launched their codenamed propeller as “Google Currents”.Its a magazine – like news reader app for android and iOS devices.It lets you explore online magazines and other content with the swipe of a finger.I have always hated Google reader.But this one is really beautiful and cool.

It is not a social magazine like flipboard.Because it doesn’t allow us to feed twitter or facebook feed like flipboard.flipboard has read it later and instapaper.currents only have instapaper.I prefer Flipboard than currents.But Flipboard is available only for iOS devices.

Most importantly,It allows you to create and distribute your own content using “Producer“. I have published this blog in currents.It is pretty straightforward.

As of today there was no ads inside this app.

The app is available for free in the android market and apple store (US Store only)